Welcome to the Class seating plan.

This site is modified a litle compared to what is posted on the CodeProject . I have made a User Control consisting of a panel, an Image and a label.
This has been done to make it more visual to look at and also to show other options. To make this work I have modified the mouseDown and the mouseUp events,
or else it will not work properly.

When adding a new control a random picture is assignd to the control and it is given a name. There is no option to change the picture, but this should be easy to implement. After adding a control move it to a new position and click update before adding a new control.
To drag a control you have to click beside the image on either the right side or the left side.

Before you enter the page have this in mind.
Move one ore more controls around on the page and when you are finished click update.
When adding a control it will enter in the upper left corner. Drag it to the desired posistion and click update.
When you want to delete one ore more controls click each control you want to delete and click delete.
You have an option to change the color of the students name by choosing color in the dropdownlist. The colors are not saved, but that could be implemented.
The most important is to show how to drag and drop and also that it is possible to save the positions.


Go to the Class rom layout

See the code for the UserControl

See the code for the clored DropDownlist